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Lehem Basar Beit Shemesh

Meat and Eat, Mehadrin Kosher meat restaurant, recently opened in Beit Shemesh’s Big Center to introduce a carnivore’s paradise to this area.

It is a cozy yet vibrant, decorated restaurant with spectacular views and unforgettable tastes of meat.

More than juicy meat, Meat and Eat serves pastries and home-made breads, starters, cocktails and more.

Meat and Eat is available for private and business events of up to 50 guests.



16 NIS

Served with olive oil, grated tomatoes and Atlantic sea salt dip

Tomato sauce, beef ragout, roasted pepper and Kalamata olives, served on an opened pastry. Served with tahini dip

Green leaves, croutons, cherry tomatoes, radishes, carrots and fire roasted onions, in citrus vinaigrette sauce, olive oil and lemon

58 NIS

Organic red quinoa, beet root, hazel nuts, cranberries, chopped red onions and spice herbs

Stir-fried scorched spring chicken cuts with fire roasted onions, roasted tomatoes, garlic confit and green beans, served on a bed of green leaves

Roasted eggplant garnished with oregano, tomatoes, tahini, pomegranate concentrate, olive oil and lemon

54 NIS

Filled with ground beef and lamb meat, root vegetables, roasted pepper and Kalamata olives, served with tahini dip

Thinly sliced fresh sea fish, marinated in Asian marinade, served with celery, Shata pepper and radishes


Fresh chicken breast coated in in Japanese panko crumbs and golden breadcrumbs

Home-made entrecote, 250 gram
Toppings + 7 NIS: fried onion / roasted pepper / Portobello mushrooms / sunny-side-up

Grilled Spring chicken marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic confit

Slow cooked beef and lamb stew with aromatic spices, root vegetables, pine nuts, chickpeas and tahini, served on an eggplant cream in a pan covered with a hot pastry

Dry-aged sirloin cut served with demi-glace

Dry-aged cut, 250 / 350 / 450 gram, served with chimichurri sauce

Dry-aged cut, 200 / 300 gram, served with red wine sauce

Ask your server

Ask your server


Private events at Meat and Eat Beit Shemesh

Meat and Eat invites you to celebrate your special event with a great meal of bread and meat. Meat and Eat is available for tailored private and business events facilitated by a kind professional service. The restaurant is kosher for mehadrin and Rabbi Mahfoud.


Meat and Eat Photo Gallery

Food, restaurant and atmosphere photos of Meat and Eat Beit Shemesh

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